The safety passport concerns the entire workforce, employees, employers, independent contractors...

The safety passport is mandatory when working on a site of one of the three metalworking industries, or construction sites, industrial or not, where the owner requires that every worker holds a safety passeport. However, in some cases the safety passport can be a first step only, in addition to other specific rules and demands on site. Such rules and regulations are available at each individual site.

The safety passport is a tool for anyone or any employer wanting to implement a safety framework for the employees so that they have a better awareness and knowledge concerning the various aspects of occupational safety.


The following table shows the sites/companies where the safety passport is mandatory:

Sites / Companies requiring the safety passport Start date
Koniambo Nickel SAS (KNS) 1st of January 2018
Société Le Nickel (SLN) - all sites, factories and mines 1st of January 2018
VALE Nouvelle Calédonie 1st of January 2018

Additional information : On KNS,SLN & VALE NC, the safety passport certificate is required when requesting an access badge (new or renewal). Whereas on KNS and on VALE NC, the safety passport replaces only the old inductions common parts (thus remain the HSE receptions and the specific inductions), it is a complement on the sites of the SLN compared to the HSE reception (video) currently in place. 

New now : since 30th August 2018, Safety Induction for new caledonian industrial sites KNS, SLN & VALE NC, are available on website and can be selected according to needs.