New Caledonia also suffers from the impact of the global economic crisis on the market for raw material and has to face an increasingly tough international competition. To face this challenge, a better performance, competitiveness, dynamism and innovation are needed.

That's why the AMD cluster, regrouping maintenance companies, has started working groups, already in 2014, in order to find solutions to reinforce, especially, performance and competitiveness.

One of the identified solutions was to create a common recognition system, between industrials sites, concerning instructions and safety training at their entry : the Safety Passport. For one vision concerning safety, to promote good behaviour and reduce the bad, to create a standardisation and improve the workers' safety competence and to create a general framework for occupational safety, the Safety Passport has been enlarged and now covers all of New Caledonia and all sectors of activity.

Today the Safety Passport is supported by the New Caledonian government, the three metalworking industries KNS, SLN & VALE, NC, the CAFAT (local social security) and, of course, the AMD.