The Safety Passport is a "generic" training system to improve general occupational health/safety. The e-Learning form has been chosen to offer everybody the possibility to advance at their own pace.

It is essential that everybody commits to respect the safety passport rules, in order to efficiently improve occupational safety for everybody:

  • each employer commits to use credits only for persons from his company, not for third parties
  • each employer/independent contractor commits to attribute access codes (user Login/password) to the registered persons, individually and by name
  • each employer/independent contractor commits to assure that the person from his company connecting to the system really is the concerned person
  • each employee/person connecting and following the training in front of the screen commits to use only the access codes provided to him or her and declares to be the concerned person
  • each employee/person commits to use the access codes (Login /password) given to him by his employer only for himself
  • each employee/person connecting commits to follow the dedicated training and to not use the material for any other means

Thus, once registered, a commitment charter has to be signed by the employer/independent contractor, and, before start of the training, a commitment charter for the person wishing to participate in the training, has to be signed.

Commitment charter employer/independent contractor Commitment charter - employee